Intuition in evaluation

The Palazzo Fortuny museum in Venice holds an exhibition on the concept of intuition. I’m reminded that intution is an important part of an evaluative process, but it is neglected and perhaps even refuted in professional rethoric. It is probably assumed that a credible and trustworthy evaluator does not work on intuition. Just how mistaken such an attitude is can be illustrated by these quotes from some great minds:

Albert Einsten: I believe in intiotion and inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Henri Poincaré: In science we prove with logic what we find by intution (En science, c’est avec la logique que nous trouvons et avec l’intuition que nous trouvons).

René Descartes: Knowing comprises two principal operations: intuition and deduction (La connaisance comporte deux opérations principales: l’intuition et la déduction).

So let’s talk more about intuition!