Andante – tools for thinking is owned by Kim Forss, who is the only employee in the company. The company is not meant to have any other employees but will work in networks with other firms and individuals. This will give the flexibility to bring the right competence to each specific assignment. During the past 25 years, a number of significant networks have emerged; Jens Andersson, Jonas Norén, Johanna Lindström, Victoria Hildenwall, Christian Carlbaum, Jan-Eric Furubo in Sweden, Stein-Erik Kruse in Norway and Claus Rebien in Denmark, Barbara Befani, Alison Pollard and Elliot Stern in the UK, Mita Marra and Nicoleta Stame in Italy, Jacques Toulemonde in France, John Mayne and Robert Schwartz in Canada,  have all been colleagues in research and evaluation over many years.

Different networks in the evaluation community are important. Kim Forss has been a member of the Swedish Evaluation Society ( since it was founded, and is also a member of the European Evaluation Society ( Since 2000 he takes part in the ”International Evaluation Research Group”, researchers who debate current issues in evaluation and undertake research projects and publish findings. The groups is presented at